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There are two things you can do in the winter – sit around and wish it was summer or ignore the cold and enjoy your hobby. If you pick the second course of action, here's a dozen things you can do in winter.

1) Sign up for a night school class at your local high school or community college.

2) Enroll in one of the specialized restoration courses that schools and other facilities give during the winter. Among these are mini restoration courses at McPherson College between regular semesters, Ron Fournier’s sheet metal class, the British restoration classes that John Twist and Carl Heideman present in Michigan and the Cobra kit car building seminars at Mott Community College in Howell, Michigan. You can learn about these from the Internet .

3) Heat your garage. The “Hot Dawg” heater being advertised in many hobby publications is a great unit to start with. With heat in your “car space” you can spend those long winter nights getting your car in top shape for next year’s shows.

4) Visit a new-car show in your area. Many of these events include vintage cars Also, you’ll have the opportunity to pick up sales literature for your collection. Automotive News regularly prints the dates and locations of new-car shows.Visit a local car dealer and ask to peek at his copy of Automotive News .

5) Plan a winter visit to a car museum.

6) If you like automotive history, why not spend those long winter hours writing an article or a book for possible publication? There are more hobby magazines today than ever before. Get hold of a copy of Writer’s Market and you’ll find listing that tell you which publishers accept free-lance stories.

7) Look for indoor car shows like the “World of Wheels.”

8) If you have time to kill during the winter, why not organize your garage or shop better? Put your car magazines, sales literature, automobilia, petroliana, toys and models and other motoring memorabilia in order. You may need to clean up a space for storage and furnish it with shelving or cabinets.

9)Build atool board to organize your shop, tools and equipment. Or clean that grease-stained floor look. Projects like these can make a long winter fly by.

10) Continue your summer cruise nights in winter. Leave your old car home and meet at a restaurant or fastfood eatery to “bench race” (also known as BSing).

11) Visit a classic car auction. If you want to travel, you can attend winter auctions in warm places like Florida, Arizona, Nevada, Texas and California.

12) If you’re really suffering car show withdrawal, try what we did years ago -- wait for a January thaw, get out the grill and have a barbecue with other car collectors.

Whatever you do, keep your passion for old cars alive, stay happy, stay warm and stay safe. We want to see you again at next summer’s shows.


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