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Wisconsin Automotive Museum Celebrates 25th Anniversary

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On June 18, the Wisconsin Automotive Museum in Hartford celebrated its 25th anniversary with a Wisconsin-built car show. About 15 Wisconsin-built cars were put on display in the museum’s parking lot, along with the same number of vintage cars and trucks made elsewhere. A 1928 Kissel sedan was parked in front of the museum to give visitors a great photo op. Car collectors who toured the car museum were impressed with how it has grown. When it opened in 1986, it had 46 total cars and 14 Kissels. Today, over 105 vehicles are on display and 22 of them are Kissel Kars, which were built in Hartford. Executive director Dale K. Anderson said he'd love to see 25,000 visitors this year. It's a great place to stop on the way to the Iola Old Car Show July 7-10.

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