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A kiss from France

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Lane Motor Museum has acquired a rare 1951 Hotchkiss-Gregoire for its increasing car collection. The sedan is 1 of only 247 made.

Benjamin B. Hotchkiss, an American, was asked by Napolean II to establish an arms factory in France in 1867. Hotchkiss patented the Hotchkiss revolving cannon in 1872, after many years as a major supplier of weapons and ammunition.

The auto industry began relying on the company?s knowledge of special steels, high-precision methods and machinery and skilled machinists to build crankshafts, pistons, rods, gears and valves. Hotchkiss introduced its first car in 1904 and produced many successful road and rally cars. This front-wheel-drive model, purchased by designer J.A. Gregoire, was priced higher than other Hotchkiss models, and sales were slow. Few were made before production ceased.

The 1951 Hotchkiss-Gregoire joins other unique French makes at the museum to include a 1932 Helicron (one-of-a-kind propeller-powered vehicle), 1938 Georges Irat, 1936 Panhard Dynamic X76 and a 1949 Peugeot Triporteur (three-wheeler).

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