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108 Cars Headed to the Crusher: YOU Can Save Them!

A Missouri salvage yard filled to the fences with over 100 vintage vehicles ranging from the 1940s to the '70s a date scheduled with the crusher. However, in an attempt to save this impressive collection of vintage iron, the owner is offering to sell the cars, or parts...but only if the deals are made before the crusher rolls into town.

Vintage Fins of the Ozarks of Pittsburg, Mo., on behalf of a collection owner, is offering 108 vehicles from the 1940s to the ’70s for sale, including the 1957 Dodge hardtop pictured above.

The catch is they must all be sold by Oct. 9 or what’s left will get fed to the crusher.

To information on the vehicles for sale, visit, or click here for the online photo album.

For more information on this sale, call 417-276-9966 or email Vintage Fins of the Ozarks at:

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