2005 Golden Quill winners

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ACTION ERA VEHICLE, Charles Smith, editor, The Contempory Historical Vehicle Association.

AIR COOLED NEWS, Pierre and Susan Lavedan, editors, The H.H. Franklin Club, Inc.

THE ARROW, Bernard Weis, editor, Pierce-Arrow Society.

AT THE SIGN OF THE CAT, Dan Houde, editor, Cougar Club of America.

AVANTI MAGAZINE, Lewis Schucart, editor, Avanti Owners Association International.

BULB HORN, Dennis Holland, publications vice president, The Veteran Motor Car Club of America.

CITROENTHUSIAST, George Dyke and John McCulloch, editors, Citroen Club of North America.

THE CLASSIC CAR, Beverly Rae Kimes, editor, Classic Car Club of America.

CONTINENTAL COMMENTS, Tim Howley, editor, Lincoln & Continental Owners Club.

DOUBLE CLUTCH, Greg Matecko, editor, Antique Truck Club of America.

ENJINE! ENJINE!, Steve Hagy, editor, Society for the Preservation and Appreciation of Antique Motor Fire Apparatus in America.

THE FLYING LADY, Sabu Advani, editor-in-chief, The Rolls-Royce Owners’ Club, Inc.

GENERATOR & DISTRIBUTOR, G&D editors, Vintage Chevrolet Club of America.

HORSELESS CARRIAGE GAZETTE, John Meyer III, editor, Horseless Carriage Club of America.

THE IGNITOR, Mike Healey, editor, The Spark Plug Collectors of America.

JAGUAR JOURNAL, Michael Cook, editor, Jaguar Clubs of North America.

MODEL T TIMES, Howard Gustavson, editor, The Model T Ford Club International, Inc.

MODERN LADY, Richard Vaughan, The Modern Car Society — An Affiliate of the Rolls-Royce Owners’ Club.

THE PACKARD CORMORANT, Stuart Blond, Packard Automobile Classics.

PACKARDS INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE, Don Hull, editor, Packards International Motor Car Club.

THE PRANCING HORSE, Jeff Allison, editor, Ferrari Club of America.

QUICKSILVER, Todd Haefer, editor, International Mercury Owners Association.

THE RIVIEW, Sean Cahill, editor, Riviera Owners Association.

SECRETS, Charlie Yapp, editor/executive director, Vintage Ford Speed and Sport Magazine, Home of the Secrets of Speed Society.

SMOKE SIGNALS, Larry Kummer, editor, Pontiac-Oakland Club International.

THE STAR, Frank Barrett, editor, Mercedes-Benz Club of America.

356 REGISTRY, Gordon Maltby, editor, Porsche 356 Registry.

TORQUE TUBE, Mark Jordan, editor, 1937-1938 Buick Club.

TURNING WHEELS, Art Unger and Ann Turner, editors, The Studebaker Drivers Club.

VINTAGE FORD, Jay Klehfoth, CEO/editor, Model T Ford Club of America.

VINTAGE TRUCK, Patrick Ertel, editor, Antique Power, Inc.

WHEELS OF TIME, Stormy Wylie, editor, American Truck Historical Society.

THE WHITE TRIANGLE NEWS, Sam Jackson, editor, Hudson-Essex-Terraplane Club, Inc.

WOODIE TIMES, John Lee, editor, National Woodie Club, Inc.

AMERICAN MOTORING, Cheryl Samuel and Mike Spangler, editors, American Motors Owners Association.

AUBURN CORD DUESENBERG CLUB NEWSLETTER, Josh Malks, editor, Auburn Cord Duesenberg.

THE BRIC LINE, John Blair, editor, Bricklin International Owners Club Inc.

CHEVY TIMES, Robert Snowden, editor, Bow Tie Chevys, Late Great Chevys and YesterYears Chevys.

THE CHECKERBOARD NEWS, George Cuhaj, editor, Checker Car Club of America, Inc.

THE CORMORANT NEWS BULLETIN, Craig Handley, editor, The Packard Club.

CORSA COMMUNIQUE, Mike McGowan, editor, Corvair Society of America.

THE DURANT PARTNER, Jacki Schroeder, editor, Durant Motors Automobile Club.

THE EARLY BIRD, Lin Somsak, editor, Classic Thunderbird Club International.

THE FALCON, Wendelyn Crosby, editor, Falcon Club of America.

FOMOCO TIMES, Paul Placek, editor, Crown Victoria Association.

HUPP HERALD, Jerry Robinson, editor, Hupmobile Club Inc.


THE KNIGHT-OVERLAND STARTER, E. Louise Pruitt, editor, Willys-Overland-Knight Registry.

JOURNEY WITH OLDS, Brad Bishop, editor, The Oldsmobile Club of America.

PORSCHE PANORAMA, Betty Jo Turner, editor, Porsche Club of America, Inc.

PUR SANG, Tom Clifford, editor, American Bugatti Club.

THE SELF-STARTER, Steve Stewart, editor, The Cadillac-LaSalle Club, Inc.

ON SOLID GROUND, Ken Amrick, editor, The Solid Axle Corvette Club.

V8 TIMES, Jerry Windle, editor, Early Ford V-8 Enthusiasts.

THE VINTAGE TRIUMPH, Michael Cook, editor, The Triumph Register.

THE WAY OF THE ZEPHYR, David Cole, editor, Lincoln-Zephyr Owners Club.

WPC NEWS, Richard Bowman, president/editor, WPC Club Inc.

AIRFLOW NEWSLETTER, Jerry Allstott, editor, The Airflow Club of America, Inc.

THE AMERICAN AUSTIN BANTAM CLUB NEWS, Bob and Cathy Cunningham, editors, The American Austin Bantam Club.

BULLETIN, Beverly Rae Kimes, editor, Classic Car Club of America.

CHRYSLER 300 CLUB NEWS, Andy Mikonis, editor, Chrysler 300 Club International, Inc.

CODE-4, John Bujosa, president, Emergency Vehicle Owners and Operators Association.

CROSLEY QUARTERLY, Dave Anspach, editor, Crosley Automobile Club.

DIE CAST CAR, Jay Olins, editor, Die Cast Car Collectors Club.

DRIVESHAFT, Doug Buhrer, editor, Lambda Car Club International.

THE LINCOLN OWNERS’ CLUB NEWSLETTER, David Schultz, The Lincoln Owners’ Club.

THE MARMON NEWS, Ron Barnett, editor, The Marmon Club.

MINUTIA, Ernest Freestone, editor, The Microcar and Minicar Club, Inc.

THE NEWS COUNSELOR, Fred Mauck, editor, Packards International Motor Car Club.

NORTH AMERICAN MMM, Larry Long, editor, affiliated with MG Car Club of England, Midget, Magna, Magnetta.


RUNABOUTS TO ROCKETS, Clay Mollman, editor, National Antique Oldsmobile Club, Inc.

SALLEE SPEAKS, Nancy Hotz, editor, The LaSalle Appreciation Society, a Society of the Cadillac LaSalle Club, Inc.

SALMAGUNDI, Bill Wielinski, editor, The Diamond T Register.

THE SKYLINER, Edward Albracht, Jr., editor, International Ford Retractable Club.

300 STARLETTER, Cyndi Vande Hoef, editor, Gull Wing Group International.

STUTZ NEWS, William Greer, editor, The Stutz Club, Inc.

THUNDER & LIGHTING, Aron and Linda Greisinger, editors, Hurst/Olds Club of America.

THUNDERBIRD SCOOP, Terri McNeill, editor, Vintage Thunderbird Club International.

THUNDERBIRD SCRIPT, Kathy Holton, editor, International Thunderbird Club.

TUCKER TOPICS, Bill Pommering, editor, Tucker Automobile Club of America, Inc.

THE FORD LEGEND, Linda Leggitt, editor, The Henry Ford Heritage Association.

FOUNDATION NEWS, Josh Malks, editor, Early Ford v-8 Foundation.

GRAY GOOSE NEWS, Terry Ernest, editor, The Wills Museum.

THE HERALD, Jay Follis, editor, Gilmore Car Museum and the Classic Car Club of America Museum.

IT CAN BE DONE, Scott Dwyer, writer/editor, The H.H. Franklin Foundation.

PETERSEN QUARTERLY, Dick Messer, director, Petersen Automotive Museum.

THE RUMBLE SEAT, editors, AACA Museum, Inc.

SAH JOURNAL, Thomas Jakups, editor, The Society of Automotive Historians, Inc.

STANLEY MUSEUM QUARTERLY, H. James Merrick, editor, The Stanley Museum.

THE TIME MACHINE, Mary Ann Porinchak, editor, The Packard Museum.

“A” QUAIL CALL, Carol Pennington, Penn-Ohio “A” Ford Club Inc.

THE ARROW DRIVER, Greg and Diane Loftness, editors, Midwest Region Pierce-Arrow Society.

THE BIRD’S NEST, Don Seymour, president/newsletter editor, New England’s Vintage Thunderbird Club, Inc.

THE CALIFORNIA COLLECTOR, Louis C. Farah, Jr., communications, Southern California Chapter of the Professional Car Society.

CLASSIC TIMES, Tom Beggan and Dennis Viera, editors, New England Classics.

CLOISONNE’ CALENDAR, Jane Caldwell, editor, Packard Automobile Club — Minnesota Packards Inc.

CORMORANT FLIER, Karl Henry, editor, Wisconsin Packard Club — Packard Automobile Club.

DRIVEN, J. Scott Rust, editor, Shelby American Automobile Club of Northern California.

FIERO FOCUS, Wayne and Marsha Dzien, editors, Northern Illinois Fiero Enthusiasts, Inc.

GET THE ORIGINAL, Chuck Catalano, editor, GTO Association of America — Delaware Valley Old Goat Club.

THE HOOD RELEASE, Frankie Douglas, editor, CCCA — Oregon Region.

JAG BAG, Ray David, editor, Sun Coast Jaguar Club.

KEYSTONE KEYNOTES, Matt Langsam, editor, Studebaker Drivers Club — Keystone Region Chapter.

LINECHASER, Sandy Felde, editor, Minnesota Street Rod Association.

MEMBERS’ PARADE, Brooke Davis, editor, AACA — Hornets Nest Region.

NORTHERN LIGHTS, Donna and Bill Dirnberger, editors, AACA — Minnesota Region.

NORTHERN LIGHTS, Bob Porter, editor, CCCA - Ohio Region.

PACKARDGRAM, Duane Gunn, editor, Packards of Arizona region of Packards International.

THE PIOUS PELICAN, Lynn Lessely, editor, Northern California Packards.

THE PORTLAND GAS LEAK, Penny VanBeek, editor, HCCA — Portland Regional Group.

THE SOLENOID, Rus Calisch, editor, Great Autos of Yesteryear Car Club, Inc.

TIGER TIMES, Dick Kos, managing editor, GTO Association of America — Land of Lakes GTOs.

THUNDERBIRD NEWS, Felipe Cos, editor, Classic Thunderbird Club of South Florida.

TORQUE, Tom Goad, editor, CCCA — Michigan Region.

THE WINDSHIELD POST, Robert Fitzsimmons, publications, CCCA — Upper Midwest Region.

ALAMO AMC NEWS, Corbeen Lowden, editor, Alamo AMC.

AM SPIRIT, Steve Johnston, editor, Northern Ramblers Car Club.

THE BEAM, Lars and Joan Anderson, editors, AACA - Wisconsin Region.

THE BRASS NUTS, Sue Hill, editor, HCCA — Northern California Regional Group.

BUCK NUTS, Scott Bray, editor, Buckeye Region of Lambda Car Club International.

COASTAL RAMBLER, Cliff Danley, editor, First Coast AMC Club.

CRANK ‘N’ THROTTLE, E. Louis Pruitt, editor, The Upper Mississippi Valley Chapter, Willys-Overland-Knight Registry.

THE CRITERION, Greg Merksamer, editor, Professional Car Society — Northeast Chapter.

EAST COAST CHAPTER INTERNATIONAL FORD RETRACTABLE CLUB NEWSLETTER, Dan and Pat Kasten, editors, International Ford Retractable Club — East Coast Chapter.

FORD SCRIPT NEWS, George Ball, editor, Early Ford V-8 Club of America — St Louis Regional Group #124.

KAISER FRAZER MIDWEST NEWS BULLETIN, Bill Dalzell, editor, Kaiser Frazer Owners Club — Midwest Region.

THE LORD NUFFIELD CRIER, Bob and Lynne Mendelsohn, editors, The New England MG Register — Ohio Chapter.

MID-ATLANTIC MAYFLOWER, David Young and Paul Moore, editors, Mid-Atlantic Region Plymouth Owners Club.

MINUTIA, Ernest Freestone, editor, The Microcar and Minicar Club, Inc.

THE MITTEN, Rhonda Gelstein, editor, Metropolitan Owners Club of North America — Michigan Chapter.

NUTS & BOLTS, Maryann Miller, editor/publisher, Santa Cruz Valley Car Nuts, Inc.

THE OLD CRANK, Dennis Holland, editor, VMCCA.

PACIFIC CITROEN NEWS, Allan Meyer, editor, Citroen Car Club, Northwest Citroen Owner’s Club, Citroen Autoclub Canada.

PEGASUS PAGES, Rob Bartlett, editor, Minnesota Fieros Forever.

PENN-DUTCH NEWS, John Sherlock, editor, Pennsylvania-Dutch Chapter — HET Club.

THE SPARKPLUG, Buddy Paquet, editor, AACA — Deep South Region.

THE SPARK PLUG, Bunny Palmer, editor, AACA — Ohio Region.

THE STEERING COLUMN, Jerry and Marcia McGill, editors, Willys-Overland-Knight Registry - Missouri Valley Chapter.

TRUMPET HORNS, John and Jeanie James, editors, Ohio Valley Region of the Lincoln & Continental Owners Club.

VALVE CLATTER, Cliff Green and John Griman, editors, The Early Ford V-8 Club Of America Regional Group #96.

VALVE-IN-HEAD REVIEW, Jim Crame, editor, Buick Club of America —West Michigan Chapter.

GOPHER STATE TIMING ASSOCIATION, 50 Years of Hot Rods, Custom Car Shows and Drag Racing. Rod and Custom Spectacular. Tom Erickson, editor. Minnesota.

LINCOLN & CONTINENTAL OWNERS CLUB — Ohio Valley Region, 2005 Eastern National Meet, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the 1955 Lincoln. Walter Webb, meet director. North Canton, Ohio.

PACKARD AUTOMOBILE CLASSICS — North Atlantic Packards, Pelican Papers, Special 2005 Meet Preview. Bristol, Rhode Island.

PROFESSIONAL CAR SOCIETY — Southern California Chapter, The California Collector, 10-year anniversay celebration, 2005. Burbank, California.

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