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Will Your Vehicle Be Pictured in the 2009 Old Cars Weekly Calendar?

Not if you don’t submit a high-quality color slide/transparency or – for the first time – digital submission, now.
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It’s that time again! Just as the Old Cars Weekly staff has invited readers to submit color slides/transparencies of their vehicles for use in the 13 previous Collectors’ Edition calendars, we are now inviting submissions for our 2009 calendar.

Each of the 1996-2008 Old Cars calendars has been a showcase for Old Cars readers’ vehicles. It all began with an editorial that ran in the March 30, 1995, issue of Old Cars Weekly News & Marketplace that asked readers to submit color slides of their collector vehicles to be considered for use in the (then) proposed Old Cars 1996 Centennial calendar. That initial inquiry drew 207 responses! From that number, Old Cars staff members not only selected enough “calendar quality” images to create the 1996 calendar, but also its successor, the Old Cars 1997 Collectors’ Edition calendar.

As has been the case for the past 13 years, including the 2008 version, Old Cars Weekly is inviting its readers to have their collector vehicles try out for the Old Cars 2009 Collectors’ Edition calendar. Deadline to submit images is March 21st.

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From 1998 through the call for images for the 2008 calendar done in early-2007, submissions have averaged between 100 and 200 annually. Will your vehicle be included among those 13 (one cover and 12 monthly) images that make the “final cut” for use in the 2009 calendar?

How and what to submit

As noted, the almost 100 submissions received for the 2008 calendar were reduced to 13 finalists. Various criteria were used in eliminating the images that were not used. Often these involved avoiding duplication of marque, model, color, or era, and had nothing to do with the quality or composition of the images presented. In the elimination process, however, we learned a lot about what we would like not to see in a calendar submission. The following, then, are “do’s and don’ts” to refer to when preparing your submission:

  1. We are interested only in high-quality, color slides/transparancies or digital submissions (see sidebar for digital format) of collector vehicles from every era of manufacture through 1984. Those with newer collector vehicles, please be patient and wait for possible participation in future Old Cars calendars. Please note that snapshots, photocopies, drawings, paintings, or any media other than color slides/transparencies or digital submissions will not be considered. Also, do not submit a slide made from a photograph as the resulting image is too grainy to use when enlarged to calendar page size.
  2. In making the selections, emphasis will be placed on vehicles of American manufacture, but outstanding examples of widely collected imported marques will also be considered.
  3. Each submission should depict a single, completely stock, unmodified from factory original vehicle (no multiple vehicle shots) with no visible objects mounted on the dashboard or suspended from the rearview mirror, and should contain no people, pets, trophies, or window stickers.
  4. Each vehicle should be photo-graphed against a pleasant and appropriate, non-distracting background.

Obviously, all vehicles submitted cannot be used in this single calendar. A panel comprised of Old Cars staff members will make the final selections. Consideration will be given – among other factors – to quality of photographic reproduction, vehicular variety, and an appropriate mix of marques, models, and eras. Please be aware that the images selected will be enlarged to achieve calendar size and any “grainy” appearance would be magnified. Only the sharpest and clearest images can be used.

In reviewing the hundreds of vehicle images submitted over the past 13 years, it occurred to Old Cars staffers that it was a shame to restrict their use to calendars only. So, as was done last year, we ask that you indicate whether or not you are willing to allow us to make our own copies to keep on file for other than calendar use. Such uses might include book and periodical covers, color plates, catalogs, show posters, newsletters, and promotional materials – among others.

All submissions will eventually be returned. Eligibility is restricted to readers of Old Cars Weekly News & Marketplace and Old Cars Price Guide. Owners of the vehicles depicted in the calendar will be identified, and each will receive five free copies of the 2009 calendar. Each submission should be accompanied by the name(s), address, and phone number of the owner(s), as well as the year, marque, model, and body type of the vehicle depicted. To be eligible for consideration, all submissions must be received in our offices no later than March 21, 2008.

Please send submissions to:
Old Cars Weekly Calendar
c/o Ron Kowalke
700 E. State St.
Iola, WI 54990

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