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McDorman Collection on menu for Mecum Spring Classic

Mecum 30 INDY Classic
Bob McDorman Colleciton

Considered by many to be the most loyal Chevrolet dealer of all time, the late Bob McDorman made a host of personal sacrifices in order to achieve a 50-year tenure with Chevrolet and become one of the few people to ever reach that half-century mark. He was not only loyal in his career path, but also in his collecting. Bob McDorman was recognized as the world’s greatest Chevrolet collector.

Throughout the years, Bob McDorman forever changed the Corvette show scene, serving as a pioneer among Corvette show promoters. In 1974, Bob McDorman held his first annual “Corvettes on the Canal” show, which would quickly become one of the largest auto shows in the U.S. dedicated to Corvettes.

In the 1990s, McDorman began "tucking away" brand-new Corvettes with delivery miles, typically Serial No. 1 pilot cars or special editions, and in 2005, he was the first Chevrolet franchisee to build a Corvette-only showroom—an idea unheard of at the time, even among the highest-volume Corvette sales departments. Bob McDorman had amassed one of the most significant and well-known collections of Chevrolets and Corvettes ever assembled.

At its 30th annual Spring Classic Auction in Indianapolis, Mecum auctions will sell more than 20 of Mecum's Corvettes, including 1953 and 1954 examples. The amazing group of 45-plus lots will including everything from a Wells Fargo stagecoach to tri-five Chevrolets to finned Cadillacs, to custom golf carts.

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