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California bill may threaten old cars

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Shortly after taking his oath of office, California State Sen. Dave Cogdill (R-Modesto) introduced his first piece of legislation for the 2006-'07 Senate Legislative Session. But that piece of legislation may inadvertently threaten collector vehicles in the San Joaquin Valley of California.

The bill would create a program wherein car owners would receive incentives for trading in what the senator calls "dirty" and high-polluting vehicles. Cars turned in to the program would be sent to a dismantler.

"There is no disputing the fact that we need to improve the quality of our Central Valley air," Cogdill stated. "SB 23 will do just that by giving owners of high-polluting vehicles the incentive to trade in their dirty cars to be dismantled and receive donated clean emission vehicles in return. This creative approach will go a long way to reducing mobile source emissions in our valley; it creates a win-win situation that benefits the valley, as well as individuals."

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