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Chitty Chitty Bang Bang flies in to Hershey, PA

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Is it a car, a plane or maybe a boat? One of the most beoved cars of all time has to be the classic Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. The AACA Museum will host the US National Broadway Touring Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Prop Car in Hershey, Pa., from Nov. 21 to Jan. 31.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is based upon a vintage racing car that was featured in many forms including the original novel by Ian Fleming, movie and stage productions. The inspiration for Chitty came from early racing cars and the sound that these cars made as they were started which sparked the idea for the name.

Tony Garofalo with his Chitty stage prop

Tony Garofalo with his Chitty Chitty Bang bang stage prop car

In July of 2014, Tony Garofalo of New York City became the owner of this prop car following the end of the US National Broadway Tour. This prop car was displayed and used in 500 live performances throughout the United States and Canada. A complete media display stand is included with facts and build specs explaining the car and its history, along with actual poster size build plans of the car and its hydraulic use design. Garofalo has been a life-long collector of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang memorabilia ever since he saw the movie at its premiere showing, Christmas 1968 at Radio City Music Hall. The film's cast and the car were there, too. 

The prop car has many interesting details and functioning stage tricks. It has 15 separate circuits which control the car's own theatrical lighting, both interior and exterior. The tires tilt 45 degrees and rotate and, of course, she has wings.

There will be sessions planned where guests will be able to see the operation of some of these tricks during the time the car is on display. Details will be available on the museum's website at

Among the other featured upcoming exhibits will be "It's a Small World: Micro & Mini Cars." A life-sized drivable pedal car will also be new for 2015. Traditional favorites include several model train displays, dozens of decorated themed Christmas trees, Sammy the 29-ft. snow plow and the annual Grinch & Max Scavenger Hunt.

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