Common Thieves Steal Rare Car, Parts

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LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- If you steal the Mona Lisa, the world is going to notice. If you steal a car in which just 57 remain, especially when it bears the Duesenberg eagle on its radiator, car collectors are going to jump out of their car's bucket seats.

Thieves in Los Angeles County allegedly learned the hard way that stealing a very rare car, and then selling its parts on eBay, was not the best way to keep a low profile. Or to avoid getting caught.

Several months ago, several men reportedly stole a Model A Duesenberg Millspaugh & Irish touring car stored outside in California's Los Angeles County and parts from a similarly rare 1958 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham belonging to the same owner, and then listed each car's parts on eBay.

The Internet auctions raised red flags with the stolen car task force in Los Angeles, who tracked down the alleged thieves and recovered the stolen Duesenberg and its parts in May. Unfortunately, the Cadillac was not so lucky. Some of its parts were already in the hands of winning bidders before they could be reunited with the Eldorado Brougham and its owner. The remaining parts were returned to the cars' rightful owner.

Charges are currently pending in Los Angeles County.

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