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Corvettes at Carlisle welcomes Aerolarri Wheels as the 'People’s Choice Contest' presenting sponsor in 2022

Custom wheel company, Aerolarri Wheels has been chosen as the distinguished presenter of the "People's Choice Contest" at the August 25-27 Corvettes at Carlisle.
Corvettes at Carlisle

CARLISLE, PA – Corvettes at Carlisle is celebrating its 40th anniversary August 25-27 and for one vendor, it’s a coming out party of sorts. Aerolarri Wheels is an Illinois based company that specializes in custom wheels, but it was Corvettes at Carlisle 2021 that served as a launchpad for Chet Baigh and his company.

Chet and Aerolarri Wheels began with original concepts dating back to his engineering classes in the late ‘90s. If it’s a wheel, he’s reinvented it, from bicycle wheels to car wheels and everything in between. Now he’s also reinventing how wheels are sold. AEROLARRI combines unbeatable prices for true forged wheels, unique styles developed in-house, factory-direct logistics and even an augmented reality visualizer smartphone app. His forged creations aren’t specific to ONLY the Corvette, but for his presentation at Corvettes at Carlisle, the event audience will see a great mix of Corvette wheel options brought by the actual customers. In fact, Aerolarri can produce the largest range of sizes available for the Corvette with proven perfect fitment. Aerolarri will also be the NEW presenting sponsor for the popular People’s Choice contest (details forthcoming).

Aerolarri is more than wheels, as aero parts and exhaust systems are available, but wheels make the cars go and for one special Corvettes at Carlisle guest, a BRAND-NEW set of Monoblock Aerolarri Wheels.  As part of the annual People’s Choice contest, entrants will be judged and advance via votes on social media in the months leading up to Corvettes at Carlisle (starts May 1).  The monthly winners will appear in person at the event, with a top three announced, including a Best-of-Show. Trophies are available for the top three, with the winner not only snagging the wheels, being featured in the 2023 event guide, and a FREE reserved Fun Field pass for 2023. The monoblock wheels will be made with the winner’s choice of style and to fit the specific winning Corvette, or car of the winner’s choice.

“I’ve been a Corvette guy my entire life, owning three, including building a Pro Touring C3 from a dragster,” noted Chet.  “My passions have driven me to found and support the largest C8 Corvette Facebook group and I’ve met so many great people along the way,” continued Chet.  “Last year, it was an honor to see the first set of C8 wheels I ever produced adorn the car of Carlton Phillips, who placed third in the People’s Choice contest.  This year, I look forward to meeting the new winner and gifting him with a set of our Monoblock Aerolarri Wheels.”

Corvettes at Carlisle is actively taking Fun Field registrations, vendor registrations, and selling discounted spectator tickets in advance of the August offering.  Planned displays include a 50-year look back at 1972 Corvettes, Chip’s Choice with a theme of Pratt & Miller Factory Corvette Race Cars, 35 years of Callaway Corvettes, the NCRS Gallery, and NCCC 7 Sanctions judging.  Learn more about the People’s Choice Contest, special displays, and get involved today by calling 717-243-7855 or online at

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