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Judging the Best of the Best: The 2018 Golden Quill Award winners

What it takes to win a Golden Quill Award

BY Chief Judge Gerald Perschbacher, LLD & Old Cars Staff

An outstanding array of car club publications are in the list of Golden Quill Award winners for calendar year 2018, according to Chief Judge Gerald Perschbacher and the Old Cars editorial staff. The winners reflect a serious yet fun and educational approach to the collector car hobby. In effect, the winning editors clearly enjoy making their publications professional and personable, all the while advancing the hobby through understanding of automotive history.

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“The energy and dynamic of being good editors truly is evident,” says Dr. Gerald Perschbacher, who served as chief judge in the initial process. His findings were reviewed and confirmed by the editorial department.

“The improved writing, layout and preparation of club publications may be attributed to electronic helps and options, but it still remains a very human effort to be a successful editor and please the necessities of a local, regional or national club, regardless of membership size,” said Perschbacher.

Perschbacher’s own editorial experience includes serving more than three decades as the editor of a large publication with worldwide circulation. He notes that car club members may not fully appreciate what it takes to meet the task of editor.

“First, there is the matter of obtaining and selecting articles, then come edits, revisions, testing the facts, stylistic formats, selection of visuals, occasionally the securing of legal permission and a rafter of other steps leading to design and layout,”’ Perschbacher said. The work of an editor is time-consuming but the reward of accomplishment and reader enjoyment fuel many editors to keep up the level of enthusiasm necessary for a good publication.

Many club editors work within a budget and have guidelines to follow for his or her club. Editors must balance content that educates and entertains club members while binding those club members together. The editor has keen responsibilities to carry the torch for the club in image, reporting accomplishments, schedules and pending matters for a club.

No editor is perfect, but the best of them strive to do better with each issue. This year’s winners show the best balances of content and the best presentation of the club through its publication. Winners were selected based on a multitude of specific factors: balanced content, visual interest, good historic articles, print quality, member and member car features, technical information, solid club news and reports, and a sounding board for members to present ideas and discoveries and ads. Other items may be added but should not overpower the main content or detract from important space. Among the greatest challenges for editors in the final hours leading to printing are accuracy and visual integrity. Technical articles may vary in depth but should not be beyond the understanding of most readers.

“Tell your editor that the work is not taken for granted,” said Angelo Van Bogart, Old Cars editor. “If your club’s publication is on the winners’ list, share a word of cheer and congratulate them. For those in ‘honorable mention,’ give extra encouragement by submitting articles or ideas for articles. Tell them what you do and do not like about your club publication and perhaps offer a helping hand — many editors are overwhelmed and under-assisted volunteers. The competition never is quite the same, so who knows how many of those ‘honorable mentions’ may inch up to being a winner next time, especially with your help.”

To be eligible for award consideration for 2019, copies of club publications are to be sent to Dr. Gerald Perschbacher and the Old Cars office at the addresses below. Submission of publications allows for potential consideration and inclusion in an installment of the “Club Clips” column that regularly appears in Old Cars. Because format is one of the factors in categorizing winners, digital submissions cannot be fairly judged.

Dr. Gerald Perschbacher
8868 Rock Forest Drive
St. Louis, MO 63123

Old Cars Editors
5225 Joerns Dr. Suite 2
Stevens Point, WI 54481

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Golden Quill Award Winners for 2018

National Luxury

  • Air Cooled News, Alex Huppe & Jeryl Schriever, co-editors, H.H. Franklin Club, Inc.
  • American Motoring, Cheryl Samuel & Mike Spangler, editors, American Motors Owners Association
  • Antique Automobile, West Peterson, editor, The Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA)
  • At The Sign Of The Cat, Thierry Frisch, editor, Cougar Club of America
  • The Auburn Cord Duesenburg Club Newsletter, Shannon Olson, editor, Auburn Cord Duesenberg Club
  • Avanti, Lewis Schucart, editor, Avanti Owners Association Int.
  • The Brickline, Randy Wyrick, editor, Bricklin International Owners Club, Inc.
  • Buick Bugle, Pete Phillips, editor, Buick Club of America
  • The Bulb Horn, Dennis Holland, editor, The Veteran Motor Car Club of America
  • The Corvette Restorer, Vinnie Peters, editor, National Corvette Restorers Society
  • Generator & Distributor, Vince Taliano, editor, Vintage Chevrolet Club of America, Inc.
  • Horseless Carriage Gazette, Tracy Lesher, editor, Horseless Carriage Club of America
  • The Ignitor, John Teel, editor, Spark Plug Collectors of America
  • Impala News, Don Keefe, editor, National Impala Association
  • Journey with Olds, Shannon Olson, editor, Oldsmobile Club of America
  • The Legend, Tom Szymczyk, editor, GTO Association of America
  • Lincoln & Continental Comments, Jeff Shively editor, Lincoln & Continental Owners Club
  • Lincoln Owners’ Club Newsletter, Greg Bilpuch, editor, Lincoln Owners Club
  • Model A News, Helen Ehrenhofer, editor, Model “A” Restorers Club
  • Model T Times, Natalie Weaver, editor, The Model T Ford Club Int.
  • On Solid Ground, Ken Amrick, editor, Solid Axle Corvette Club
  • The Packard Cormorant, Stuart R. Blond, editor, Packard Automobile Classics
  • Packards International Magazine, Don Hull, editor, Packards International
  • Plymouth Bulletin, Lanny D. Knutson, editor, Plymouth Owners Club
  • Porsche Panorama, Ron Sass editor, The Porsche Club of America
  • The Professional Car, Walt McCall, editor, The Professional Car Society
  • Pur Sang, Tim Clifford, editor, American Bugatti Club
  • Quicksilver, Todd Haefer, editor, International Mercury Owners Association
  • The Riview, Ray Knott, editor, Riviera Owners Association
  • The Self-Starter, Stephen E. “Steve” Stewart, editor, Cadillac & LaSalle Club, Inc.
  • Smoke Signals, Tim Dye, editor, Pontiac-Oakland Club International
  • Thunderbird Scoop, Terri McNeill, editor, Vintage Thunderbird Club Int.
  • Turning Wheels, Ann Turner, editor, The Studebaker Drivers Club
  • V8 Times, Jerry Windle, editor, Early Ford V8 Club of America
  • White Triangle News, Sam Jackson, editor, Hudson-Essex-Terraplane Club, Inc.
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  • The Arrow, Roger J. Sherman, editor, Pierce-Arrow Society
  • The Cormorant News Bulletin, Craig Handley, editor, The Packard Club
  • The Crosley Quarterly, Abigayle & Joyce Morgan, co-editors, Crosley Automobile Club
  • DeSoto Adventures, Geoff Overley, editor, National DeSoto Club, Inc.
  • Fomoco Times, Travis B. Sheaffer, editor, Crown Victoria Association
  • The Fork & Blade, David Schultz, editor, Lincoln Owners Club
  • The Nomad Post, John Lee, editor, The Chevrolet Nomad Association
  • Reo Echo, Stan (Butch) & Lois Pream and Martin & Joyce Moody, editors, The Reo Club of America, Inc.
  • Runabouts to Rockets, Paul Hartlieb, Jim Schultz, Rick Winn & Blythe Thimsen, editors, National Antique Oldsmobile Club
  • Stutz News, Carl Jensen, editor, The Stutz Club, Inc.
  • Torque Tube II, Matthew Hinson, editor, 1936-1938 Buick Club
  • The Vintage Ford, Aleesa Drennen, editor, Model T Ford Club of America
  • Woodie Times, John Lee, editor, The National Woodie Club
  • WPC News, Richard Bowman, editor, Chrysler Product Restorers Club
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  • Airflow Newsletter, Frank Daly, editor, Airflow Club of America
  • American Austin Bantam Club News, Bob & Cathy Cunningham, editor, The American Austin Bantam Club
  • Cross Flags, Jeff Butz, editor, ’65-66 Full Size Chevrolet Club
  • Durant Partner, Carol Fogarazzo, editor, Durant Motors Automobile Club
  • Front Wheel Driver, Steve & Lucy Blakey, editors, Toronado Owners Association
  • Jeepster News, Peter G. Mozzone, editor, Willys Overland Jeepster Club
  • Kaiser Frazier Owners Club International Quarterly, Jack Mueller, editor, Kaiser-Frazer Owners Club Int.
  • The Marmon News, George Bradley, editor, The Marmon Club
  • Professional Car Collector, Louis C. Farah, editor, Professional Cars International
  • The Silver Shell, Jeff Buckley, editor, Moon Car Club
  • Silver Trumpet, Bill Blunden, editor, SPAAMFAA
  • Supercharger, Dale Robbins, editor, Graham Owners Club International, Inc.
  • Talegate, Chuck Snyder, editor, Int. Station Wagon Club
  • TC America Newsletter, B.Karleen Tarola, president, TC America, Inc.
  • Thunder & Lightning, Judy Badgley, editor, Hurst/Olds Club of America
  • Thunderbird Script, Nicholle Colwell, editor, International Thunderbird Club
  • Tucker Topics, Steve Lehto, editor, Tucker Automobile Club of America, Inc.
  • Vintage Triumph, Mike Cook, editor, The Vintage Triumph Register
  • Viva Carrera!, Mike Denney, editor, The Road Race Lincoln Register Club
  • VSA, Jim Bates, editor, Volvo Sports America/1800 Register, Inc.
  • Wheels & Waves, Larry DePasquale, editor, Int. Amphicar Owners Club
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  • The Accelerator, Jon Bill, Curator, Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum
  • Braking News, Jeff Lane, director, Lane Motor Museum
  • The EMMR Times, Eastern Museum of Motor Racing
  • The Ford Legend, Frank Scheidt, editor, Henry Ford Heritage Association
  • Special Category 
  • (Supportive of the Hobby)
  • Driving Force, Colby Martin, editor, SEMA Action Network
  • The Elegance at Hershey, West Peterson, program editor/graphic design
  • Finz, Ron Melville, editor, The Cadillac LaSalle Club of New Zealand
  • Foundation News, Frank Scheidt, editor, Early Ford V-8 Foundation
  • LaCad, Andrew & Rachel Rees, editors, Cadillac LaSalle Club of Australia
  • Mercedes-Benz Classic, Jochen Fischer, editor, Mercedes-Benz
  • The Packard Proving Grounds News Report, Bud Juneau, editor, The Packard Motor Car Foundation


Full Size

  • AM Spirit, Z. Chris Kaszuba, editor, Northern Ramblers Car Club, Inc.
  • Bird’s Nest, Don Seymour, editor, New England’s Vintage Thunderbirds
  • The Dashboard, Maureen Blevins, editor, Greater Illinois Region-Classic Car Club of America
  • Driven, Bill Fulk, editor, Shelby American Automobile Club of Northern California
  • Hoosier Horn, Jeff Shively, editor, Indiana Region-Classic Car Club of America
  • Northern Lights, Donna & Bill Dirnberger, editors, Minnesota Region-AACA
  • Overhead Cammer, Jim Black, editor, Overhead Cammers Chapter-Pontiac-Oakland Club
  • The Pious Pelican, Bud Juneau, editor, Northern California Packards
  • The Pittsburgh Tri-State Chapter NCRS Newsletter, Jim Patitucci, editor, Top Flight Chapter-National Corvette Restorers Society
  • The Redline Times, Reba Whittington, editor, Carolinas Chapter-National Corvette Restorers Society
  • The Skyline, Ken Bechtle, editor, The Metro Region-Classic Car Club of America
  • The Vette Signal, Jim Santoro, editor, Michigan Chapter-National Corvette Restorers Society
  • Wheels “A” Rolling, David Young, editor, Mid-Atlantic Region-Vintage Motor Car Club of America


  • Arizona Bird Chatter, Mike Woods, editor, Arizona Classic Thunderbird Club
  • Boomtimes, William C. Anderson, editor, Buick Owners of Maryland
  • The Chatter, Kim Gardner, editor, AACA Capitol City Chapter
  • Ford Lines, Mike Denney, editor, Tulsa Early Ford V8
  • The Gas Buggy Gazette, John E. Sayler, Jr., editor, Gettysburg Region-AACA
  • Henney Program of Progress, George Hamlin, editor, Henney Chapter-Professional Car Society
  • Hoosier Views, Bruce & Carol Gable, editors, Indiana Regional Group #56-Early Ford V8 Club of America
  • The Hub Cap, Joyce Edfors, editor, Wisconsin Region-Classic Car Club of America
  • Northstar News, Dave Gustafson, editor, Northstar Region-Lincoln & Continental Owners Club
  • Planetary News, Mike Zahorik, editor, Model T Ford Club of Milwaukee
  • Phantom News, Arlene Roth, editor, Phantoms Motor/Model Club
  • Rocket Recorder, Irma Benedek, editor, Delaware Valley Oldsmobile Club
  • Rocket Review, Judy Badgley, editor, R.E. Olds Chapter-Oldsmobile Club of America
  • Snic Braaapp, Jack Gleason/Tom Morgan, editors, Illinois Sports Owners Association
  • Studebaker Spokesman, Claude Chmielewski, Wisconsin Region-Studebaker Drivers Club
  • Thunderbird News, Ed Raabe, editor, Classic Thunderbird Club of South Florida
  • Triangle Chapter News, Annie Goldman, editor, Triangle Chapter-AACA

Sub Compact

  • Alabama Packards Newsletter, Dale Baker, editor, Alabama Packards Club
  • The AM-xcentric, Joshua Greenplate, editor, Great Lakes Classic AMC Club
  • Arc and Spark, John McLellan, editor, Kalamazoo Antique Auto Restores Club
  • Borgward, Borgward-Owners Club
  • Exhaust Valve, Jim Jaeger, editor, Fireball Chapter-Buick Club of America
  • Mass Cruisers Auto Club, John Buchanan, editor, Mass Cruisers Auto Club
  • Packardgram, Duane Gunn, editor, Arizona Region-Packards International
  • PMD Excitement, Chuck Catalano, editor, South Jersey Pontiac Chapter, Pontiac-Oakland Club Int.
  • The Pushrod, Pam Scherer, editor, Milwaukee Corvair Society of America (CORSA)
  • The Rope Shaft Reader, Gary Stoiber, editor, Little Indians Chapter-Pontiac-Oakland Club Int.
  • Sidelights, Jean Hawa, editor, South Florida Region-AACA
  • The Starterator, Rich Gibbs, editor, Sunflower Region-Contemporary Historical Vehicle Association
  • The Steering Column, Betty E. Fisher, editor, The Greater Baltimore Model A Ford Club
  • Steering Wheel Newsletter, Ed Meyer, editor, Missouri-Illinois “Gateway” Chapter-Studebaker Drivers Club
  • Thunderbird Flyer, Tom Przedwojewski, editor, Northwest Vintage Thunderbird Club
  • Tomahawk, Paul Bergstrom, editor, Minnesota Chapter 13-Pontiac-Oakland Club Int.
  • Trail Bird News, David Tulowitzky, editor, Trail Birds of Southwest Florida, Chapter 113-Classic Thunderbird Club Int. (CTCI)
  • Willys Overland Words, Joy Heidal, editor, Northwest Chapter-Willys-Overland-Knight Registry

Honorable Mention

  • The Ah-OOO-Gah Bulletin, Bruce Burke, editor, Mohican Model A Ford Club
  • Airhorn, Chris Biddle, editor, Chicagoland Corvair Enthusiasts CORSA Chapter
  • The Autograf, Gary Wright, editor, Mississippi Valley Region-AACA
  • The Belltown Bulletin, Dan David, editor, Belltown Antique Car Club
  • Bird Talk, Art Fleming, editor, VTCI Long Island Thunderbird Club
  • The Bonding Strip, Jamie Fiffles, editor, Southern California Chapter-National Corvette Restorers Society
  • Bow Tie Bulletin, Ron Panicucci, editor, Jersey Lakeland Region-Vintage Chevrolet Club of America
  • Caddy Chatter, Tony Albarella, editor, Cadillac Club of North Jersey
  • Carolina Plymouth Power, Dean Yates, editor, Plymouth Owners Club-Carolina Region
  • Chrysler Tonic, Carol Morice, editor, Northern Illinois Region-WPC Club, Inc.
  • Classic Olds Journal, Mary Degler, editor, Olds Club of Florida-Oldsmobile Club of America
  • Cloisonne Calendar, Bill Heptig, editor, Minnesota Packards Inc.-Packard Automobile Classics
  • Clutch Chatter, Larry R. Huffman, editor, Tri-County Region-AACA
  • Cormorant Flier, Stan Ruesch, editor, Wisconsin Packard Automobile Classics, Inc.
  • Dairyland Digest, Helen Gellert, editor, Dairyland Region-Plymouth Owners Club
  • Dynaflash, Jim Jaeger, editor, Hawkeye Chapter-Buick Club of America
  • East Coast Chapter Newsletter, Pat & Dan Kasten, editors, East Coast Chapter-International Ford Retractable Club
  • The Echo, Chris Collins, editor, Grand Canyon State Chapter-Studebaker Drivers Club
  • The Egbert Express, Roberta Helpap, editor, Northeaster Michigan Chapter-Studebaker Drivers Club
  • The Enlightener, Dan Cress, editor, The Badger Region-CLC Cadillac & LaSalle Club
  • The Fordist, Judy Dildine, interim editor, Southern California R.G. #11-Early Ford V8 Club of America
  • From The Corral, Bill Krieger, Northern Mustang Corral
  • Gateway Gazette, Ted Baker, editor, St. Louis Gateway Chapter-Buick Club of America
  • The GMC Times, Paul Bergstrom, editor, GMC Truck Chapter of Pontiac-Oakland Club Int.
  • Good Olds Days, Michelle Petersen, editor, Illinois Valley Olds Chapter
  • Gray Goose News, Terry Ernest, editor, The Wills Museum
  • Great Arrow News, David Coco, editor, Pierce-Arrow Foundation
  • The Great Plains Terraplane Hudson Gazette, Ramona Dittrich, editor, Hudson-Essex-Terraplane Club
  • The Hexagon, Jim Vines, Asst. editor, Mid Atlantic Packards
  • The Horseless Page, Donna Dirnberger, editor, The Twin Cities Regional Group-Horseless Carriage Club of America
  • The Hudson-Aire, Lynn P. Horn, editor, Chesapeake Bay Chapter-Hudson-Essex-Terraplane Club
  • Hudsonnews, Richard Low, editor, Dixie Chapter-Hudson-Essex-Terraplane Club
  • Illinois Chapter of POCI Newsletter, Shelley Condon, editor, Illinois Chapter-Pontiac-Oakland Club Int.
  • Kaiser Frazer Owners Club International Monthly News Bulletin, Barbara Mueller, editor
  • The Livery, Eileen Schoenecker, editor,Tri-State Chapter-Professional Car Society
  • Mass Cruisers Auto Club, John Buchanan, editor, Mass Cruisers Auto Club
  • News-Flite, Andy Mikonis, editor, Chrysler 300 Club International, Inc.
  • News-Notes, Duane Gunn, editor, Packards of Arizona
  • 1915-1918 Buick & McLaughlin-Buick Owners, Dean G. Tyron, editor, 1915-1918 Buick & McLaughlin-Buick Owners Group
  • Nuts and Bolts, Joe Pinson, editor, Cape Canaveral Region-AACA
  • The Old Crank, Brenna Olwine & Chuck Riblett/Carolyn Taylor, co-editors, Northern Colorado Chapter-Vintage Motor Car Club of America
  • Packard Profiles, Ken Dunning, editor, Peachstate Packards-Packard Automobile Classics
  • Pajarito Post, Lloyd Powell, editor, Pajarito Thunderbird Club of New Mexico
  • Pan Siftings, Ray Maier, editor, St. Cloud Antique Auto Club, Inc.
  • PCPV Newsletter, Paul Bergstrom, editor, Pontiac Commercial & Professional Vehicle Chapter-Pontiac-Oakland Club Int.
  • Pelican Papers, Drusilla Carter, editor, North Atlantic Packards
  • Plymouth Power, Dean Yates, newsletter, Plymouth Owners Club-Carolina Region
  • Porthole, Fred Syrdal, editor, Gopher State Chapter-Buick Club of America
  • Red Cap Review II, Charles E. Wilson, editor
  • Redline Times, Jason Baird, editor, Goat Herd GTO Club of Oregon
  • Rumble Sheet, Bill Gillies, editor, Twin Cities Regional Group #46-Early Ford V8 Club of America
  • Sidelights, Jean Hawa, editor, South Florida Region-AACA
  • Silver Dome Gazette, Stuart Ryce, editor, California Chrysler Products Club
  • The Standard, Tim Pawl, editor, Motor City Region-Cadillac & LaSalle Club
  • The Standard Of The World, Bill Levy, editor, West of the Lake Region-Cadillac $ LaSalle Club
  • Up to Speed, Maureen Blevins, editor, Greater Illinois Region-Classic Car Club of America
  • Voice, Steve Fox, editor, Iowa CrossRoads Region-Cadillac & LaSalle Club

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