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Manufacturing begins for 110 MPG HP2g engine

The first manufacturing facility for the production and assembly of the 110MPG, V-8, HP2g engine opened Monday.

Horse Power, Inc. and HP2G, LLC officially opened the first manufacturing facility for the production and assembly of their 110MPG, V-8, HP2g engine in Wauseon, Ohio yesterday.

The facility is located at 115 West Linfoot Street and also serves as the companies’ research and development operations center.

The HP2g is an alternative energy engine that runs on E85, (a green alcohol-based fuel). In testing, the makers claim the HP2g has exhibited ultra-high fuel economy and outstanding horsepower, thus significantly reducing green house gas emissions.

The first production vehicle to utilize the HP2g technology will be the Revenge Verde Super Car, a luxury performance super car from Revenge Designs Inc. Release of the Revenge Verde is planned for late 2009.

If all goes as planned, the owners predict that expansions of the business could result in the creation of as many as 2,000 support jobs in the next three to five years.

For more information, contact: or; phone: 419-592-2677.

HP2g Specs:
V8 Engine
400 HP (horsepower)
500 Ft. Lbs. Tq. (foot pounds of torque)
110 MPGe (miles per gallon energy equivalent)
E-85 (ethanol fuel)
Made in the USA

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