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If you like the idea of tearing up the roads in a classic '70 Dodge Challenger, but prefer to drive cars with a more modern "feel," then XV Motorsports custom car line may be right up your alley.

The Irvington, NY- based company has created its own XV (Xtreme Velocity) line of "super cars" which are essentially a beefed-up kit-car wrapped in an original muscular MOPAR wrapper.


While the term "kit-car" may be a little too general for these cars, the company's vision of taking a 60s or 70s muscle car and outfitting it with a new suspension, steering components, brakes and engine ' all specifically engineered for the car, using modern racing technology creates a whole new way to upset your checkbook balance'and your spouse ' with a single stroke of a pen.

According to the Web site (, each car is custom-made to the owner's specifications and options range from a 6-liter Hemi with 600 horsepower, full-leather interiors, six-speed transmissions, and don't forget, you can have a GPS navigation system installed just in case you get lost while tearing up the roads.


Price for the XV line runs from $140,000 on up to $250,000 and orders can usually be filled in six to eight months, depending on the rarity of the body style. XV Motorsports' line-up currently includes E-Body Challengers and 'Cudas, and the always popular B-Body Road Runner, Charger, GTX and Super Bee.

"We wanted to do this the right way with no expenses spared, and not like some average Joe out in his garage with a chopsaw," states company president John Buscema on the company's Web site. "Everyone involved with the development of these cars has some kind of racing background."


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