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Good news, couch potatoes and car collectors. The SPEED™ channel has even more programming for car buffs. Just launched in July is The Car Show with a celebrity cast and, coming this fall, a 13-episode Chop Cut Rebuild of a '72 Plymouth Duster.

First, Tire, America’s largest independent tire tester and consumer-direct source for tires, wheels and performance accessories, will sponsor 13 episodes of the new weekly SPEED™ program The Car Show, hosted by funny man Adam Carolla.

Through this relationship, which officially began during the show’s premiere episode on Wednesday, July 13 at 10 pm ET, Adam Carolla and co-hosts, Pulitzer Prize-winning automotive journalist Dan Neil of The Wall Street Journal, founder Matt Farah, and former NBA Champion John Salley, feature the perfect mix of no-holds-barred car culture, epic driving adventures and shop-talk during the in-studio “Behind the Wheel” portion of the show.

Each week, they and a celebrity guest will highlight various topics surrounding optimized car performance ranging from supercar vs. two-wheel challengers to car maintenance, a peek behind the professional racing curtain and everything in-between.

“The decision to partner with The Car Show was an easy one as we have the same goal: continue to educate the motoring public about their vehicles and keep the automotive flame ignited in this country,” said Matt Edmonds, vice president, Tire Rack.

For more information on The Car Show and for an upcoming episode schedule, please visit For more information Tire, visit

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Chop Cut Rebuild

Classic Industries, the worldwide leader in automotive restoration parts and accessories, has announced its latest project, the restoration of a 1972 Plymouth Duster, will be featured on season eight of SPEED TV’s Chop Cut Rebuild.

Audiences nationwide will see the Classic Industries team breathe new life into a once junkyard-bound Mopar (with the help of their new line of Mopar restoration parts) over the course of 13 all-new episodes this fall.

Dan Woods and the Classic Industries crew are already hard at work filming the build, starting with a rusty 1972 Plymouth Duster previously headed for the steely jaws of the crusher. With the help of Chop Cut Rebuild host Dan Woods, the team will transform this tired A-body into a high-performance street machine on par with today’s modern muscle cars over the next few months, using Classic Industries’ new array of Mopar restoration parts and accessories.

“Working with Dan and the Chop Cut Rebuild team has been great in the past, so we are pleased to partner with them once again for season eight.” said Classic Industries CEO Jeff Leonard. “This project will allow us to showcase how enthusiasts can use our new catalog of Mopar restoration products to restore classic Mopar models (like our Duster) to their original appearance.”

Long ignored by the automotive aftermarket in favor of the more popular Challenger and Barracuda, thanks to the increasing scarcity (and high pricetag) of traditionally popular models, once-forgotten Mopar A-body cars like the Duster are enjoying a newfound resurgence in popularity with muscle car enthusiasts.

Tune in to follow the build of Classic Industries’ 1972 Plymouth Duster from start to finish, including the car’s unveiling at the 2011 SEMA show in Las Vegas, beginning this October on Chop Cut Rebuild, only on SPEED TV. Check your local listings to confirm airtimes.

For more information on Classic Industries, visit

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