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Old Cars Father's Day Gift Guide

Looking for something for Dad? Or even yourself? Old Cars does the hard work and presents the 2021 Father's Day Gift Guide.

About this time of year we wonder what to get dear old Dad for Father's Day. Heck, maybe you are a dad yourself and deserve to treat yourself. Who says you even need to be a dad?  One thing is for sure though, if you love old cars you are always on the lookout for new products, trusted vendors and dependable services for your old car needs.

Old Cars has done the hard work for you and compiled a handy Father's Day Gift Guide to help you find that special something for the car lover in your life... Even if that special someone is you!

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CF! Carini Quote 2021

CF1 ShowCase by CarCapsule USA

The CF1 ShowCase by CarCapsule protects, preserves, and presents. Chasing Classic Cars expert, Wayne Carini is a believer. Just one of the reasons why CarCapsule is the most awarded vehicle storage product on the planet, and why he trusts CarCapsule USA for his vehicle storage needs. Check out a special promo code for big Father’s Day savings. Visit

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BendPak MaxJax™ Portable Two-Post Lift

After six months of design, engineering and production improvements, BendPak Inc. is rolling out the new MaxJax™ M6K portable two-post lift.

Like all two-post lifts, MaxJax provides clear undercarriage access and the ability to perform brake and tire work on a wide range of vehicles. But unlike traditional two-post lifts, the MaxJax can be used in areas with ceilings as low as eight feet and be put away when the work is done, leaving the garage bay clear. This makes it a great fit for use at home, as well as in dealerships and shops that want to add a lift to a flat bay for quick service as needed. MaxJax work’s compact size means it fits where other lifts don’t. And it costs a lot less, too.

The MaxJax M6K’s 6,000 pound has a lifting capacity of 6,000 pounds which can handle most cars, light trucks and SUVs. With a lifting height of 46 inches or 49 inches with adapters, it raises vehicles high enough to provide ample workspace underneath for virtually any undercar service including drivetrain and suspension work.With a new optional motorcycle adapter that offers a wider lifting platform and drive-over approach ramp, MaxJax can be used toalso lift motorcycles, ATVs or other motorized vehicles.

Special flush-mounted concrete anchors are installed in the garage floor and remain there permanently to enable MaxJax to go from storage to ready-to-use in as little as 15 minutes.

The MaxJax website,, has also been completely updated. Learn more online or call (844) 629-5291.

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WIN a 1967 Corvette!


Win a '67 'Vette for a good cause. The St. Bernard Church is raffling off this 327-350 hp, 4-speed, numbers matching, Rally Red, black interior, hard top with white soft top Corvette. 

$30 each ticket or 4 for $100

To buy a ticket and a chance to win this stellar piece of American engineering go to or call (812) 649-9113.

Drawing will take place on 8/21/21 at 9am CDT at 547 Elm Street, Rockport, IN 47635

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2021 Mustang OCW AD FINAL

Perhaps Dad is a Ford man... WIN a 1970 Ford Mustang Convertible

The Northeast Classic Car Museum is raffling off this classic 1970 Ford Mustang drop top. This Candy Apple Red Mustang will turn heads with its black top and white interior. It will also get your blood pumping with a 351C V-8, automatic, power steering, power brakes and a power top. This Mustang checks all the boxes!

$5 each ticket, 5 for $20, 15 for $50, 35 for $100, 200 for $500

Hurry - Tickets only available until 9/30/2021

To buy a ticket and a chance to win this awesome 'Stang go to or call (607) 334-2886

Drawing will take place on 10/7/2021 

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Bring the Competition to Your Collection

Love racing? Then check out Racemaker Press. Racemaker Press is an award-winning, unique publisher specializing in niche books on automotive racing and its history. With a particular focus on American Open-wheel racing, Racemaker is determined to keep the sport’s rich history alive for future generations by offering diverse titles from children’s books to biographies and other non-fiction work that are sure to pique the interest of all racing fans.

Racemaker Press

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Vyper Chair

Vyper Shop Chair

For too long, hard working men and women all across the country have suffered on cheap, plastic shop chairs that have strained backs and been unkind on many behinds. Vyper set out to change that!

The chair’s hydraulic height adjustment has a robust 1” acme thread rod that can hold over 400lbs, eliminating the pain point of a constantly changing height adjustment.

Visit us at 

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Don ‘The Snake’ Prudhomme: My Life Beyond the 1320

Don “The Snake” Prudhomme and drag racing are synonymous, with some kids starting their education on the man from his name appearing on a Hot Wheels car. In his new autobiography from publisher CarTech Books, Prudhomme and co-author Elena Scherr tell his fascinating life story with many personal details.

Prudhomme’s story will rivet hot rodders, drag race fans, car enthusiasts and the generally curious alike. Order the 176-page book for $42.95 plus $6.95 shipping by calling 800-551-4754 or go to

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Zen and the Art of Collecting Old Cars

Author Bruce Valley has decades of experience in revering, owning and restoring cars, some of which he remembers when they were new. His experiences with these cars and how they have brought him “Zen” and life lessons are shared across the book’s 220 pages.

The Zen-delivering cars on the book’s pages include station wagons, seeing the new 1956 Continental Mark II and then owning them, the 1966 Pontiac GTO, working on a 1954 Corvette (with written assistance by Chevy VP Ed Cole!), a 1966 Lamborghini, British cars, American pickups and more.

 To order a copy for $25, go to or or write to the author at 175 Harbor Road, Rye NH 03870.

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Ford Inline 6 Rebuild

Ford Inline Six: How to Rebuild and Modify

For many people, a six is where it’s at and for them, CarTech Books has published “Ford Inline Six: How to Rebuild and Modify.”

The book by Matt Cox and Barton Maurer covers 1960-1983 Ford sixes in 144, 170, 200 and 250 cubic-inch displacements. Steps in building these engines start with engine removal and follow through to disassembly, machine work, assembly, reinstallation and break-in. 

Order the book for $36.95 plus $6.95 for shipping by calling 800-551-4754 or go to

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Alpha TZ

1965 Alfa Giulia TZ2

Brooklin Models has delved headlamp first into scaling down Alfa Romeo models, and two of its latest models are from the Italian automaker.

The 1965 Alfa Giulia TZ2 was a race car unveiled on the Zagato stand at the 1964 Turin Motor Show and raced at Monza, 12 Hours of Sebring, Targa Florio; Nürburgring and the 6 Hours of Melbourne, among other venues. 

Brooklin is known for its 1:43-scale white-metal models and the diminutive size of the Alfa Giulia TZ2 in this scale is sure to surprise some 1:43 collectors. The hand-built model measures just 3-1/2 inches long yet it retains the solid heft of a Brooklin model. 

The price is approximately $185; order from one of your favorite Brooklin retailers, a list of which are available at

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Bullitt: The Cars and People Behind Steve McQueen

All things “Bullitt” then and now are beautifully incorporated into Matt Stone’s new hardcover book from CarTech Books.

Stone combs through the 1968 movie and all of its players, most notably star Steve McQueen and the famous Highland Green Mustang fastbacks. There are also plenty of shots and information on the production’s filming and its cast, crew, producers and even filming locations (including maps). 

The second half of the book takes “Bullitt’ into today. Stone discusses the missing 1968 Dodge Charger R/T “hero car” from the film, the fate of which still remains unknown. (Fans will recall that the stunt Charger blew up in the film.) He also recounts the recent unearthings of the stunt and hero 1968 Ford Mustangs from the film all the way through to the sale of the hero Mustang on Mecum Auctions’ block in 2020 and the restoration of the stunt Mustang.

The 192-page hardcover book contains 306 color and black-and-white photos and is available for $42.95 plus shipping. Call 800-551-4754 or go to to order.

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Alfa 8CCut

1938 Alfa Romeo 8C 2900 B Speciale Tipo Le Mans

Alfa Romeos are traditionally small, agile cars built for speed and handling, and that’s especially true of the highly coveted 8C 2900 models of the 1930s. These eight-cylinder machines were sports and race cars for the wealthy, sporting set. 

Brooklin’s new model of the 1938 8C 2900 B Speciale Tipo Le Mans replicates one of those famous Alfa 8C 2900s built specifically for racing. 

Alfa fans will find Brooklin’s 1938 8C 2900 B Speciale Tipo Le Mans to be flawless. The price is approximately $175; order from one of your favorite Brooklin retailers, a list of which are available at

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1937 Delahaye 135MS Figoni et Falaschi coupe

Sam and Emily Mann collect some of the world’s most beautiful cars from the streamline era, many of them one-of-a-kinds, and Automodello has the inside scoop to model their cars for admirers. Autmodello’s latest model of a Mann collection car is the spectacular 1937 Delahaye 135MS Figoni et Falaschi coupe, a car that is shy to the show circuit. Since it’s rarely displayed in public, Automodello’s new 1:24 model of the Manns’ Delahaye coupe offers a chance to experience the car’s beauty every day.

Fans of streamlined Full Classics will fall fender over roof for Automodello’s 1:24-scale resin rendering of the 1937 Delahaye 135MS Figoni et Falaschi coupe. The company offers it in three colors: Aubergine (a dark plum) at $249.95 with 199 built; Bleu Clair Métallisé (light metallic blue) at $349.95 with just 37 built; and Lark (light metallic green) at $359.95 with just 43 built.

Order from or call 877-343-2276.

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WORX 20V Inflator_WX0921_Product 1

WORX 20 Volt Power Share Portable Inflator

The new WORX 20V Power Share Portable Inflator gives peace of mind while on the road, as well as a handy way to keep household inflatables ready to use. Besides delivering up to 150 psi air pressure, the compact, cordless inflator features a digital LED gauge, automatic stop, combination work light/emergency light, and onboard adaptor storage.

The WORX 20V Power Share Portable Inflator (WX092L, $99.99) is available at and Amazon.

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