Old Salvage Yard seeks Salvation

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Out by the railroad tracks or off the county highway, every American town used to have a junkyard -- a pasture where old Chevys went to die only to be resurrected, one part at a time.

However, these havens for classic auto enthusiasts are slowly disappearing, many falling pray to crushers looking to transform acres of slowly rusting parts into quick cash.

Despite literally hundreds of old auto salvage yard having met a similar demise, not all is lost.

According to the information found at www.oliverscars.com, at least one former auto salvage yard is looking to find a little "salvation" in the form of a new owner.


From the Web site:

"Over 275 un-restored vintage automobiles and tractors. Thousands of vintage auto parts, some in original packaging.

Our grandfather purchased an existing salvage yard in 1946. He continued to grow the business another ten years, at which point he closed the doors to what is now a time capsule.Upon his recent death we inherited this once-in-a-lifetime yet overwhelming opportunity.

There is too much here for us to identify in any short matter of time, or to sell piece-by-piece. We're looking for a business, individual or group of investors to make an offer on the entire collection."

While we aren't able to confirm all the information listed on the seller's Web site, we thought that this was simply too interesting not to pass along.

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