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Packard Twelve Concept to be auctioned online

The one-of-a-kind Packard Twelve will be offered on eBay.
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The Packard Twelve Concept automobile will be offered for sale on eBay starting May 26th.

This one-of-a-kind automobile is offered for sale by Packard Motor Car Company, owner of the Packard trademark for automobiles and parts.

This is the only true Packard automobile produced since 1956 on its own Packard-designed and built frame and chassis, body, and suspension components. It has a modern aluminum V-12 engine, full time all wheel drive, and aluminum body and chassis.

A complete photographic record of the build process, copies of the 1999 Packard Centennial Calendar and other pertinent information relating to the build and development will go to the buyer. Original styling artwork will include the two large pencil styling suggestions from Stanley Jones as well as from Don Johnson and Arunas Oslapas.

Build History
This Packard was completed in early 1999 and was shown at the Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum in Cleveland, Ohio during the 100th anniversary celebrations of the original Packard Company in July 1999. It has also been shown at the August Pebble Beach Concourse, the Santa Barbara Concourse, Packards International Club annual meetings, and at many other shows and meets.

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This truly one-of-a-kind Packard is the only one that has been or will be produced. It has an engineered aluminum chassis and body designed by the engineering staff of Packard Motor Car Company in Phoenix, Arizona. Styling was done in-house, with input from Don Johnson, who styled the (Fiero) Zimmer and had worked with Larry Shinoda at GM. There was also input from Stan Jones, a former Packard stylist in Detroit in the late forties, and with additional input of other accredited automotive stylists and Packard focus groups at styling clinics held at the Packard facilities in Phoenix.

What's inside
The body and chassis structure is of specific Packard-designed high strength heat-treated aluminum extrusions that are bonded to the stiff, heat treated aluminum sheet metal sections, with riveting or welding at high stress points. The structure is extremely robust, with heat treated extruded aluminum main frame rails/door sills, door header rails, and A, B and C columns, and heavy extruded windshield and rear window headers, and yet the complete dry weight of the automobile is only 3750 lb.

The high strength heat treated aluminum suspension A-frames, knuckles and wheels were produced on Packard toolage, and all critical components were x-rayed and dye penetrant-tested, as per aviation standards. The basic V-12 aluminum engine was supplied by Falconer Industries of Salinas, CA.This engine is used in a number of applications, from ¾ scale Mustang aircraft to airboats, special GM pickups and SUVs. Packard supplied the intake and exhaust manifolds, accessories drives, oil pan, and the Packard Twelve branded valve covers. The electronic ignition, fuel injection, electronic powertrain control modules and engine accessories are standard GM Delco issue. The engine is a 90 degree V-12, with even firing of each bank. Spare parts are available from GM dealers and from Falconer and aftermarket GM performance parts suppliers. The engine is of 525 cubic inch (8.6L) displacement, and develops 520 HP at 5500 rpm, and over 500 ft. lb. of torque from 2000 to 4500 rpm as tested on the dynamometer.

The full time all wheel drive transfer case is standard Borg Warner, and the transmission is the GM 4L 80E. Differentials are the Dana-Spicer #36 as used in Corvettes. Power Steering is the GM Saginaw re-circulating ball type. A list of suppliers with contact information is included with the car.

The Packard is equipped with air conditioning, electric window lifts, central locking system, full leather interior, and genuine hand-rubbed dark walnut dash, console and door trim, and a quality sound system.

A well known concept and prototype automobile manufacturer in California, Metalcrafters Inc., was commissioned by a third party to provide a cost estimate to build a concept Packard of similar quality. Their quotation was for $3.5 million, not including any engineering, styling, or the powertrain. Representatives from Metalcrafters visited the Packard facilities in Phoenix and were allowed to examine this Packard in detail, as well as perusing the major engineering drawings.

The Packard Twelve can be viewed online at or in person by appointment, near Phoenix, Arizona, by calling 866-757-2003.

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