Protecting your collector car

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If you are looking to give your ride shelter, get a CarCapsule ShowCase. The CarCapsule ShowCase provides protection, preservation and presentation all in one. While the ShowCase protects a vehicle every day of the year against dust, dents and condensation, you will still be able to admire your vehicle inside.

For over 18 Years CarCapsule USA has been developing ways to help in the arduous task of preserving your collectible, and premium sports cars from the potential damages that are lurking in your garage.

The CarCapsule and ShowCase provide Protection, Preservation, and Presentation all in one. Made of Heavy Duty PVC and chemical resistant base mats, the outdoor versions are also resistant -30 to 158 degrees, and the damages of ultraviolet light. The ESS (Evaporative Storage System) circulates the air inside the CarCapsule and ShowCase 4 to 5 times every hour, all for about $1.50 a month.

CarCapsule and ShowCase are the Ultimate Storage Solution, providing the peace of mind that your car, motorcycle or boat will be as fresh and clean as the day you stored it.


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