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Rare Ferrari 330 LMB, chassis 4381SA at 2016 Monterey Auction

Rick Cole Auctions, Monterey Auction, Ferrari 330 LMB, chassis 4381SA


Burbank/CA, July 7th, 2016 -- Even in the realms of classic Ferraris there are few cars as exclusive as this one. At its 2016 Monterey event, held on August 18-22, 2016 at the Marriott Hotel in Downtown Monterey, Rick Cole Auctions will be offering one of the best-known Ferraris of all time for a Private Treaty Sale – the 1963 Ferrari 330 LMB, s/n 4381SA.

The 330 LMB offered here is the very car shown at the March 1963 Ferrari conference to launch the Scuderia’s latest 4.0-liter prototype racing Berlinetta. It is one of just four examples of the 330 LMB produced; and in today’s crowded classic Ferrari market, 4381 SA is a truly historic and electrifying find for collectors of the rarest classic V12 Ferrari racing cars. Designed to compete in the 4-liter experimental prototype class in FIA-sanctioned international racing for the 1963 season, the car’s epic 400 hp SOHC dry-sump V12 made the 330 LMB the first car ever to hit 300 km/h on Le Mans’ Mulsanne straight. S/n 4381 SA is the very car featured at the March 1963 Ferrari Press Conference and was also used in a 1960’s Federico Fellini film.

Ferrari 330 LMB #4381SA 06-06 with Enzo

Amazingly, taking into account the history of significant racing cars, s/n 4381 SA still sports its original body, chassis, differential, engine and gearbox, which was Ferrari Classiche Red Book-certified in 2010. The 330 LMB is arguably superior and technically more advanced than the 250 GTO and also far rarer. 4381 SA was raced at Sebring and Le Mans in 1963 and driven during that period by legends such as Michael Parkes, Lorenzo Bandini, Jean Guichet and Pierre Noblet. 4381 SA was also prolific and successful in vintage racing, driven by (among others) Le Mans champions Derek Bell and Tom Kristensen.

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