Jet-chasing Superbird up for sale

This Plymouth Superbird, by racing legend Ray Nichels, was literally used to chase jet planes.
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Nichels' restored Superbird has a starting bid of $3 million.
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A Plymouth Superbird, built by racing legend Ray Nichels to chase jet planes, is up for sale with a starting bid of $3 million. The car is one of a few Nichels-built cars still in existence.

E-Muscle, a Middlefield, Conn., classic car business, spent three years restoring the racing car before putting it on the sales block. It’s expected to sell by Aug. 31, according to the company’s Web site.

Back in the early 1970s Nichels, who owned and operated Nichels Engineering, won a government bid to build a vehicle for the EPA to chase commercial aircraft to test for pollution, noise, tire dust etc. The car was used from March 1972 to October of 1973, then eventually resold at a government auction in 1979. The odometer shows only 10,000 Miles. Nichels died in 2005.

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