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'Sin City 2' Tucker comes to AACA Museum


Photo courtesy: Rob Ida Concepts

Hershey, Pa. _ The AACA Museum has a new piece of movie memorabilia on display. The Tucker 48 Sin City 2 Movie car is now on view through April 1, 2017.

The handmade replica 1948 Tucker was built to be used on the set of Frank Miller's Sin City 2 by Robert Rodriguez. In the movie, it was driven by Mickey Rourke and Eva Greene through some pretty exciting chase scenes. The car remained on set while the stunts were done by computer imaging. After the movie wrapped, the car came back to its creator, Rob Ida Concepts in Morganville, N.J.

The AACA Museum is also home to the World's largest collection of real Tucker '48 vehicles in our Cammack Tucker Gallery. This gallery is the permanent home to three Tucker '48 vehicles, several experimental Tucker engines, the factory test chassis and even the original barn door to the Tucker family farm. Of the original 51 Tuckers produced, 47 still exist today, three of which are at the AACA Museum.

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