Tucker Convertible to premiere at Keels & Wheels

The one and only Tucker convertible will be seen publicly May 2 for the first time since it began the process of completion several months ago. It makes its premier at Keels & Wheels in Seabrook, Texas.
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A Benchmark Classic’s rendering of the Tucker convertible.

For the last several months discussion groups and the Old Cars Weekly Web site have been buzzing with news of the car described as the world’s only Tucker convertible. Today Bob Fuller, Chairman of the Keels & Wheels Councours d’Elegance and Justin Cole, President of Benchmark Classics, jointly announced the car will premiere next weekend May 2nd in Seabrook, TX.

We spoke to Cole a short time ago about the unveiling. “The car is not yet complete, but due to the level of interest we thought a preview would be in order. We have a large shop, and for the last few weeks we have devoted about 70% of our labor hours to the Tucker. We chose Keels & Wheels to preview the car for several reasons; my partners and I are originally from Texas, the growing reputation of the show and its Chairman Bob Fuller, and mostly due to the wide exposure the car will garner with some of the country’s foremost collectors and the general public.”

Fuller says, “We are pleased that the world’s only Tucker convertible will be seen publically for the first time at Keels & Wheels. Justin and his crew have been working non-stop to be ready. Although the car won’t be complete you will definitely see what it will be upon completion.”

Additional information and a video of the Tucker convertible can be found in the January Old Cars Weekly article at www.oldcarsweekly.com/article/The_Mysterious_Tucker_convertible/

The car can also be seen as a work in progress can be found www.tuckerconvertible.com

Tickets and information for Keels & Wheels can be found at www.keels-wheels.com

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