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What's going on at the Simeone?

Voting is open for Le Mans Choice Demo Day


The Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum announced this year's debut of their newest Demo Day, Le Mans Choice. This is a chance for old car enthusiasts to select fours cars to view in this special driving demonstration run. This year they have 27 cars, all with Le Mans history, to choose from. Every car on the list actually raced at Le Mans, or its sister cars raced there.

Voting ends on Tuesday, May 24th at 9 a.m.and is electronically limited to one vote per person. They'll announce the winners on Wednesday, May 25. Click here to vote.

Simeone Foundation adds Kerr collection to library

The extensive collection of Thomas R. Kerr, one of the world's most complete repositories of antique and classic literature on luxury automobiles, automobile custom body manufactures, and associated documentation, was donated to the Simeone Foundation Library and has now been cataloged and integrated into its archive.

Representing Kerr's active search for the very best factory produced literature on historic and luxury automobiles. The highly curated collection has been made functional through cross-referencing while the collection itself will maintain a separate identity in the Simeone Foundation Library. Rare literature produced by luxury custom bodybuilders from the beginning of the century has been separately categorized and complete runs of literature of the important manufacturers is now available. It's all available at

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