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1936 Indian motorcycle is speed record champ

Motorcycle techician rides to glory at Utah salt flats.
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According to the Oregon based, Jeremy Bolduc, 28, a motorcycle technician in Roseburg, Ore., was clocked as fast as 102.56 mph, but averaged 99.805 mph over the 1-mile course. The old record was 95.863 average mph.

On the course, racers have 2 miles to get up to speed. Electronic timers then clock the bike over 1 mile. They have another 2 miles to slow down.

The bike was in a class for 1350 cc modified production vintage motorcycles.

Modifying the bike included removing the floorboard, moving the foot pegs from the front to the rear and bringing in the handlebars.

The Indian Chief motorcycle is owned by Charles Saxton of Green, Ore. who purchased it 39 years ago, noted His son Laurence took up the effort to turn the non-running bike into a racing machine. In 2005 and '06, the bike was ridden to other national records but it took some additional “tuning and tinkering” to bring it up to its ability to handle the salt flats.

Bolduc was able to get the Indian just over 95 mph during the first part of the September race, but pushed it over the previous record after taking his left hand off the handlebar and tucking his arm in against his body to gain more speed.


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