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American Motors designers to introduce new Marlin concept car

A modern interpretation of a 1965-'67 classic
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The new Marlin concept car will be introduced at the AMO Nationals. Provided here is just a sneak peek.

An all-new 2011 American Motors Marlin concept car is scheduled to be unveiled at the upcoming AMO Nationals Aug. 12-14. The show, hosted by the Great Lakes Classic AMC chapter of the American Motors Owners Association, is being held at the Greenmead Historical Park in Livonia, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. ??

The 2011 Marlin is an all-new design by Vince Geraci, former head of AMC Styling. A clay model of the new design has been created by former AMC stylist/clay modelers including Keith Goodnough, Frank Pascoe and Bob Bristow. ??

The 2011 Marlin is a modern interpretation of the classic 1965-1967 American Motors Marlin, updating its stylish looks to present an idea of what a modern Marlin would look like in 2011. The design is both classic and contemporary, and because it has been created by professional designers, is completely practical and could be put into production as it stands.??A peak look of the new Marlin is shown here; the styling model will be unveiled at the AMO Meet itself.

For more information on the AMO Meet visit their website at or contact the host club at

Special guests at this year’s AMO meet include designers Vince Geraci, Keith Goodnough, Bob Bristow, Jim Pappas, Bob Nixon, Frank Pascoe, and Chuck Jones, along with noted AMC author and OCW writer Patrick Foster. The show is expected to draw a record attendance.

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