First official Baldwin-Motion/Motion reunion set

Inaugural event to be held Nov. 20-21 in Chicago
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Mark Hassett's L88 '68 B-M Camaro. (Kevin Murphy photo)

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The Muscle Car & Corvette Nationals (MCACN 2010) will host the largest display ever of rare documented 1960s-1970s Baldwin-Motion & MOTION Supercars on Nov. 20-21.

Joel “Mr. Motion” Rosen, the most prolific builder-marketer of modified new big-block Chevys during the Supercar Sixties & Seventies, will be reunited with iconic cars, like the ’67 KO-MOTION L88 Corvette, he built and hasn’t seen in decades. He will be joined in Chicago on Nov. 20-21 by Marty Schorr, who helped create Baldwin-Motion and responsible for its branding and advertising. They will be available to sign copies of Schorr’s award-winning (2010 IAMA Silver Medallion) book, MOTION Performance, Tales Of A Muscle Car Builder (MotorBooks).

Marty Schorr (left) and Joel “Mr. Motion” Rosen.

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Backed by written performance warranties and supported by NHRA A/MP national record holding big-block Camaros racecars, Baldwin-Motion Camaros, Novas, Chevelles, Biscaynes and Corvettes were produced for domestic and export markets between 1967 and 1974. The Reunion Exhibit will showcase more than a dozen First & Second Gen (427-427 L88 & 454) Camaros, a Phase III Corvette, MOTION Corvettes and 3 (one for each year) of the 12 radical fastback Baldwin-Motion Phase III GT Corvettes built between 1969 and 1971. Included is the last built and most expensive ($16,283) GT originally ordered by Dr. Harry Rollings, Savannah, Ga., and now owned by Adam Tuckman in New York City.

In 1966-1967, Rosen built and raced the legendary MOTION 427 KING COBRA (CSX-3159), setting NASCAR and NHRA AA/SP National Records. Owned by Len Perham, Carmel Valley, Calif., it and will be displayed with another record-setting racecar built by Rosen: The legendary “Astoria Chas” Snyder ’67 L88 KO-MOTION Corvette, owned by Glen Spielberg, Bellmore, N.Y.

L88 KO-MOTION. (1968 photo by MLS)

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