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Flying car soars to $65,175 at auction

Oldest original car was designed by Frank Skroback
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Frank Skroback built his car so it could be flown from house
to house using roads as runways.

The car was built in 1935 and was the brainchild of Frank Skroback, a retired industrial technician and electrician from Syracuse, N.Y. The craft was created to be flown from house to house, using roads as runways.

Skroback studied the concepts of French furniture maker-turned-aircraft designer Henri Mignet, the inventor of the famous tandem wing monoplane. Skroback modified the design to build a vehicle that could be multi-purposed. The resulting “flying plane” had six fixed 7-foot wings, capable of lifting the 21-foot-long tubular steel fuselage wrapped in linen material.

The flying car was one of the top lots in a weekend event that saw hundreds of rarities cross the block for the multitude of bidders who poured in from around the world.

A white 1957 Ford Thunderbird convertible, with both hard and soft tops, sped away for $16,500.

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This Ford Thunderbird realized $16,500.


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