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Pontiac-Oakland Auto Museum in the works

New museum’s opening is planned for July 21-24, 2011, in Pontiac, Ill.
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In this photo taken March 22, you can see a portion of the rear wall of the Pontiac-Oakland Auto Museum is now missing. It is soon to be framed as large garage doors for the cars soon to be displayed in the musuem. (Pontiac-Oakland Auto Museum photo)

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The Pontiac-Oakland Auto Museum is set to open in late July -- and you can follow the progress, brick by brick, online at!

Pontiac, Ill., is on Route 66 and the museum will be three blocks from the downtown Route 66 Association of Illinois Hall of Fame and Museum.

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The Pontiac museum is the brainchild of car collectors Tim and Penny Dye, who will be moving their 18 Pontiacs, a rare buggy and various memorabilia from Oklahoma to Pontiac. Dye has more than 10,000 Pontiac-related manuals, advertising items and magazines.

Planned displays include a rare 1931 Oakland Sport Coupe, a Pontiac horse-drawn buggy and a 1964 Parisienne Safari, along with vintage oil cans and a related collection of antique printing presses and printing materials. These items primarily come from the Dyes' collection.

Visitors are promised the world's greatest collections of Pontiac and Oakland automobile brand items, Antique and Classic cars, thousands of dealer artifacts, a comprehensive library of maps, brochures, original design drawings and service manuals. There will be dealer signs and a wonderful display of more than 2,000 oil cans to see.

The new museum’s opening is planned for July 21-24, 2011, with different activities being planned for each day. More details will be announced as plans for the museum are completed. Visit online at for event details and to follow the progress of the building via photos.

With the delivery of the first three truckloads of materials for the Pontiac-
Oakland Automobilie Museum and Resource Center, the book shelves in
the library section of the museum are starting to look less empty.
(Pontiac-Oakland Auto Museum photo)

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