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Saratoga Museum offers February tech sessions

Programs focus on race cars, motorcycles and modifieds

Beginning February 13th, the museum will offer programs on three consecutive Saturdays. Fonda Speedway IMCA modified competitor Kenn Van Wert and Bethel Motor Speedway racer Dan Wood will offer “Fixing Your Race Car” on the 13th, followed by motorcycle restoration enthusiast Marty Christopher’s program “Evolution of the Motorcycle” on February 20th.

The series will conclude the following week with a seminar on high-tech performance modifications presented by Howard Tanner of Schenectady’s Redline Motorsports, one of the nation’s leading innovators in electronics and fuel injection modifications.

Van Wert and Woods will be offering a “hands on” demonstration of the maintenance procedures they go through each week to get ready to race, in the process explaining how the car works and how changes affect it. The program will be suitable for enthusiasts of all levels of expertise, from kids to racers.

Christopher’s seminar will look at the evolution of motorcycles from the early 1900’s through the present. And with the extremely popular museum exhibit of vintage motorcycles providing examples, it is sure to interest everyone from dedicated riders to interested novices.

Tanner’s program will be at the other extreme, focusing on the cutting edge technology his firm uses to accomplish what “back yard hot rodders” routinely did in the past but gave up when the age of electronics hit the automobile.

The first two programs will run from 1:15 to 4 pm while the finale is scheduled for 11:15 am to 4 pm. The workshops are included with Museum Admission. For more information on museum hours and fees, to to or call 518-587-1935.


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